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Your Health History & Printable Forms Print E-mail

Unsure how to communicate with your doctor? Want to start tracking your family medical history?  The following forms and web sites are provided to you as tools to help you prepare for and make the most of your medical visits and to help track your medical history.  SIP suggests that you start a notebook for each family member with tabs by physician or specialty or by your own choices. This type of documented medical history will prove invaluable to you and your medical providers.

Various health forms to print and use: (with the permission and courtesy of Sutter Health web site,  www.sutterhealth.org)

Health worksheets: (with the permission and courtesy of The California Office of the Patient Advocate www.opa.ca.gov)

Your health history form: (with the permission and the courtesy of The California Office of the Patient Advocate www.opa.ca.gov)

Doctor visit form:  (with permission and courtesy of www.ehealthforum.com)

"What Happens Now" is a good web site for tips to prepare for your next doctor visit, tests or medical diagnosis.

Medical appointment tracking form; (with permission and the courtesy of www.WhatHappensNow.com)

Health contact list: (with permission and the courtesy of www.WhatHappensNow.com)

This is a complete 16 page family health booklet in PDF format to download. Keep your complete and accurate health record in one place.  Once you click your save button, you can fill in information and print it.
(Courtesy of http://agrilife.tamu.edu/)